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Circular procurement is a strategic process and tool to acquire goods and services in accordance with circular economy principles.

To engage the intersection of public and private sector interests to achieve and accelerate circularity, Circular Innovation Council presents Circular Procurement Summit 2021, an official World Circular Economy Forum Side Event, 18-21 October 2021 and 15-18 November 2021. 

Government procurement ranges between 13 – 20% of a country’s gross domestic product (GDP), which equates to government spending on goods and services in Canada at a minimum of $260 billion and up to $400 billion every year. Through procurement, market stimulus, and partnerships the public sector is a catalyst to reshaping current linear economies to become circular.

Buying power is relative and scalable, which means governments, corporations, and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – irrespective of size – can shift markets. Leveraging purchasing influence to accelerate adoption of circular business models and practices to deliver goods and services can also advance circular economies in every community across the country.

Join us for a learning and application experience that:  

    • Demonstrates how governments and private sector organizations can influence markets to create circular supply and service by redefining value and incorporating circular demands into tenders and contracts across sectors, such as infrastructure, transport, and information technology, and product streams, such as textiles and plastics.
    • Showcase strong links between circular procurement and its use to achieve carbon emission and waste reduction objectives; drive sharing and local economies; build supply chain resiliency; and reduce cost.
    • Features global practitioners in circularity to share their results, ambitions, knowledge, and lessons learned from trialling circular procurement.
    • Offers practical examples of circular procurement to represent the realities of governments and private enterprises of all sizes.
    • Explores market readiness through conversations with suppliers and vendors with embedded circular business models that are ready and willing to meet demand.

The summit will also explore cross-cutting themes that can be achieved simultaneously through circular procurement:

    • Meet carbon emission reduction objectives with a focus on net-zero embedded carbon and scope 3 emissions;
    • Accelerate circularity in Canada through regional and local implementation with the public sector as a central focus;
    • Resource conservation, protection, biodiversity, and circularity;
    • Green economic recovery and resiliency in a post-covid setting;
    • Social inclusion and equity; and
    • Zero waste.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals in public and private sectors that work with procurement, finance, asset and brand management who  influence goods and services purchasing.
  • Suppliers and vendors that respond to tenders, request for information (RFI), and request for proposal (RFP) poised to respond to more circular requirements.
  • Sustainability specialists.
  • Enterprises that offer innovative circular business models and products
  • Buying consortiums and supply chain organizations.

How to attend

Circular Procurement Summit 2021 is a virtual event. See the agenda in full and register online

Who is involved

We’ve convened an Advisory Committee with an extensive range of experience and expertise to help shape the quality of success that Circular Procurement Summit 2021 will offer.

How to get involved

If you would like to be part of the Circular Procurement Summit 2021 through partnership, planning, or ideas we welcome your expression of interest.

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Circular Innovation Council
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Program Manager
Circular Innovation Council
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Circular Innovation Council – originally established as Recycling Council of Ontario in 1978 – believes that shifting production and consumption in a circular economy simultaneously supports environmental, economic, and social objectives of sustainable living.

We are inclusive and collaborative among supply and value chains, and seek to advance business models, products, and services that can deliver on the values and benefits of a circular economy.

Through better resource efficiency – reuse, share, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, recover in a closed-loop system – we can reduce waste, pollution, and carbon emissions. In doing so, we showcase innovation by putting circular economy concepts into action.