Circular Economy

Thrives on Collaboration

Collaboration is vital to the implementation of circular procurement and investment in circular business models. Effective market engagement allows for open and pre-competitive dialogue where procurers, purchasers, and suppliers/vendors share experiences and knowledge to create common ground to move forward.

This process uncovers opportunities and barriers, provides insight into what the market is currently capable of, and marketability to respond to circular procurement requirements.

The following resources provide insight into key considerations and design for effective market engagement.


GPP Training Toolkit Module 6: Market Engagement

The market engagement presentation aims to introduce the importance and benefits of market engagement as part of the procurement process. It offers guidance on how this may be done and when with practical examples.
City of Richmond: Circular Procurement Vendor Workshop

In February 2020, Circular Innovation Council was invited to facilitate the City of Richmond's vendor engagement workshop. Public servants and vendors were introduced to the circular economy and the role procurement can play in supporting circular business models....

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Creating Guidance and Templates for Market Engagement

Cornwall Council has engaged in market dialogue for several years and recently turned its attention to improving communication both externally and internally to create a robust engagement approach. The case study outlines the council’s strategy and provides insight...

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Market Engagement: Best Practice Report

The SPP regions is a network of regional municipalities working together on Sustainable Public Procurement and Public Procurement on Innovation. The best practice report developed by the SPP Regions outlines key considerations...

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