City of Richmond supports motion to apply circularity to purchasing

In a 6-1 decision, Richmond city council moved forward with plans to buy more sustainably. Only Coun. Michael Wolfe voted against the motion to support a policy applying “circular economy criteria” when procuring items for the city like construction material, professional services, vehicles, and IT equipment.

When council was recently discussing the demolition of the Minoru Aquatic Centre, Wolfe tried to push for 99-per-cent recycling in that project, but it wasn’t supported by the rest of council.

The circular economy policy will be reviewed by council in 18 months. This was added after Coun. Alexa Loo asked whether council would be consulted if there was a large price difference between a product that supports a circular economy and one that doesn’t.

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Circular Economy at the City of Richmond

01 March 2021